Japanese Language Study, 4 Year Progress

It’s currently September 2020, which means that I’ve been studying Japanese for over 4 years now. Woah. I started studying it in August of 2016 simply because I had too much free time on my hands and I was interested in the Japanese gaming industry. I didn’t really think too much of Anime or JapaneseContinue reading “Japanese Language Study, 4 Year Progress”

New Small Project: Running Gun

I participated in the 9-day Game Jam on itch.io https://gavynb.itch.io/running-gun This is a game that I had to make within 9 days. The rules of the jam totally permitted me to use a premade engine, but I wanted to challenge myself and work from scratch. So, this was made in about 9 days using C++Continue reading “New Small Project: Running Gun”

Binary Buttons

Being self taught for 10 years and beginning formal education in Computer Science, I have learned much more than I was expecting to, including the math behind binary numbers. And while it might seem like useless information at first glance, I’m actually glad I learned it because understanding binary to a certain degree means thatContinue reading “Binary Buttons”

An accessible intro to pointers

I’m not satisfied with how many online resources and tutorials explain pointers, so I wrote my own guide with a simple and straight-to-the-point explanation that’s easy to follow. I’m prioritizing quality over quantity here. This is my first time doing a “coding tutorial” or anything similar so my apologies if it’s a little scattered. https://github.com/GavynBryan/SimplePointers